What is a hair tattoo?

Also known as an SMP tattoo, it’s an increasingly popular hair loss solution for men and women dealing with a range of hair issues. Let’s explore more about these types of hair tattoos and how they might be the best solution to your hair loss. A hair tattoo is simply the common name for an SMP tattoo. However, it’s important to remember that they’re not tattoos in the traditional sense. Scalp micropigmentation procedures are carried out very differently and with very different goals. SMP uses unique microneedles to carefully tattoo thousands of minuscule stubble replications onto the scalp. They also use fully organic ink, which is better at replicating natural follicles than normal tattoo ink. It’s also less likely to cause irritation and make any unwanted changes over time. The end result will depend on your goals. Hair tattoos are a great way to fight back against a receding hairline, cover scarring, add volume to thinning patches or give your bald head an entirely new look. Scalp micropigmentation has helped countless men and women globally combat hair loss and restore their confidence.


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How do you find a natural-looking hairline?

If you’re dealing with hair loss and looking for a natural-looking hairline, a head tattoo on hairlines might be the solution you’re looking for. It’s a much more natural-looking way to approach a receding hairline to help you gain confidence like never before. The best part? You’re guaranteed the results.

What if I lose more hair?

If you start losing more hair after your SMP tattoo, you should generally return to the clinic for another session. This won’t take nearly as long as before and it shouldn’t cost you as much. Your practitioner will probably make some adjustments depending on your new rate of hair loss. A good practitioner will also blend right into your existing hair which will not only guarantee a seamless transition but will prevent any noticeable difference between the client’s real hair and the treatment if further hair loss is to occur. Or you can choose to ignore the hair loss. After all, SMP is designed to last and look natural even if you continue to lose hair.

Hair Tattoos: Pros and Cons Before You Commit

An incredible one-third of men are bald and many are turning to hair tattoos as one of the most effective solutions. Scalp micropigmentation is the fastest growing treatment in the hair loss industry and it’s for a good reason!

If you’re still undecided about hair tattoos, here are some of the biggest pros (and cons):


Realistic finish

Head tattoo hair is surprisingly realistic. You’d be surprised by how few people point out the change and how quickly it becomes your new normal.

Quick recovery

The needles used for hair tattoos are much smaller than those used in regular tattoos and the process is not as painful as many people think.

Guaranteed results

SMP is the only hair loss solution that offers guaranteed results that look natural for both males and females and can treat nearly all forms of hair loss.

Low maintenance solution

SMP doesn’t try and force your hair to regrow, it simply creates the illusion of it. Hair transplants and over-the-counter solutions risk continued thinning and ongoing problems.


Hair maintenance

After receiving scalp micropigmentation you will then be required to maintain short buzz cut hair for it to blend seamlessly with the treatment. This will only apply to the people who recreate their hairline regions.

Pricey solution

Getting an SMP tattoo for your hair is a bit of a pricey process. Depending on how much you want to be covered, it can sometimes cost more than other hair loss solutions, even if the results last longer.

Multiple sessions

Scalp micropigmentation cant be performed in one session and generally will require two to three sessions. This is because the practitioner will need to apply layers of smp to build up the density slowly to ensure the treatment has variations in shades to achieve a textured result that looks natural.


You’re pretty much stuck with a certain look for at least a few years. This is fine if you’re already bald but if you’re just thinning then this can be a real problem.

SMP Tattoo for Hair Loss

Overall, there are many benefits and downsides to scalp micro pigmentation. While fast, effective and widespread, it’s up to you to decide if an SMP tattoo is ultimately right for you. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-invasive cosmetic tattooing technique that involves specialised needles to create tiny, hair-like impressions on the scalp. This technique is commonly used to treat hair loss by mimicking the appearance of a closely shaved head or adding density to thinning areas of the scalp.

SMP can be a good option for people who have experienced hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia, scarring alopecia, or other conditions. The procedure is typically performed in multiple sessions over the course of several weeks to achieve the desired results. During the procedure, a technician will use a specialized machine to deposit tiny dots of pigment into the scalp. The pigment is matched to the patient’s hair colour and skin tone to create a natural-looking result. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort.

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