The mental health effects of hair loss and how Scalp Micropigmentation can help

Hair Loss is a common occurrence in both men and women, yet it can have adverse effects on the mental health of those that suffer. While losing hair is natural it can be a source of shame for many. Your image can be extremely important to how you live your life. This includes how you see yourself, as well as how others see you. The adverse effects of hair loss on your mental health can include:

Negative body image. When suffering from hair loss, you can lose more than your hair. Hair Loss can cause you to view your body negatively, especially if you are losing hair in your youth. Regardless of your age, your hair is strongly linked to your masculinity or femininity. Losing this sign of who you are can be very difficult.

Lost confidence. Working in the Scalp Mircopigmentation field, our specialists meet many people who lack confidence. This lack of confidence can relate not only to their body image, but also their sense of self and their self-worth.

Self Isolation. A loss in confidence can lead to many suffering from hair loss to self-isolate. This self-isolation further distorts your self-image and confidence. This will negatively impact not only your mental health but also your relationships and work.

Chronic stress. Hair Loss may even act as a reminder of your mortality which can cause excessive stress. This stress can be debilitating and reduce your work performance and overall ability to enjoy life.

Anxiety. Losing your hair may make you feel as if you are losing control of your life. This feeling of losing something forever can cause anxiety. 

If your appearance is important to you, Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as a scalp tattoo or hair removal, may be the solution for you.

How can Scalp Revival help you?

While there are many ways to handle hair loss Scalp Micropigmentation offers a safe, non-surgical, and permanent solution to hair loss with immediate results.

Scalp Micropigmentation can help you forget about your hair loss by creating the illusion of a full head of hair. The scalp tattoo can fill out parts of your head suffering from thinning or give the illusion of a buzz cut if you are bald. The process involves using tiny dots in different shades to replicate a full head of hair. This form of hair tattoo creates a seemingly natural depth and definition that will blend in with your remaining hair. The procedure does not require local anesthesia and can be completed in only a few sessions, making this a desirable option for many.

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