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Whether your hair is receding or you’re developing some bald spots, hairline tattoos are the ultimate way to recover and revamp your hair. A tattoo on hairlines is an advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. If this sounds a bit complex, it can help to think of the treatment as a hair tattoo. The artist or practitioner uses a microneedle to create the illusion of tiny hair follicles on the scalp. These microdots are repeated over and over again to form a realistic hair outline. This method is great for covering bald spots, camouflaging thinning hair, recreating receding hairlines, covering scarring and elevating your entire look. The result is a natural-looking and low-maintenance solution that can help you feel confident and attractive.

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Why choose a hairline tattoo?

What sets it apart from all these modern tech treatments and implants is just how realistic they are. Cosmetic tattoo hairlines realistically mimic the look of a closely shaved head. It’s also quite a versatile procedure as it can help with a receding hairline, bald patches or an entirely bald head for both males and females. The process is also quite simple and doesn’t require much work from you. Your SMP practitioner will start by sitting down with you and discussing what your goal is through the treatment. They’ll also take a look at your hair type and colour so they know what their best strategy is. Over the next few sessions, the practitioner will lay out the rough area and then get to work building up volume and density.
Unlike other hair loss treatments that require ongoing maintenance and upkeep, SMP is a long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance. The pigments used in the procedure are carefully matched to your hair color and skin tone, ensuring that the results look completely natural. Don’t let hair loss hold you back any longer. Schedule a consultation with Jackson Cross today to learn more about how SMP can help you look and feel your best. With SMP, you can enjoy a natural-looking, low-maintenance solution that will help you regain your confidence and feel great about your appearance.

Are they similar to normal tattoos?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is often compared to getting a normal tattoo. While there are some similarities, there are also plenty of differences worth pointing out. A cosmetic tattoo for hairlines use much smaller needles than normal tattoos and don’t penetrate as deep into the skin. This means the pain is also a lot milder. The purposes are also starkly different. Tattoos are often adopted as an aesthetic feature or to celebrate your religion or important people in your life. Hair tattoos are much more practical. They are a great way to cover up the potentially distressing effects of hair loss. We take a lot of pride in our image and hair tattoos can help people reclaim their confidence and improve their lives. A common myth regarding hairline tattoos is that they’re just making a bunch of dots all along the scalp. It’s actually quite a complex art that requires considerable training. (That’s why checking the reputation of your clinic is important!) And as any practitioner will tell you, it’s less about the thousands of dots you place and more about the spaces you leave in between. Hair tattoos also use a different ink than what’s used in normal tattoos. This ink is fully organic and more realistically replicates the look of natural hair.

Do hairline tattoos look real?

Hairline tattoos are one of the most popular hair loss treatment methods simply because they’re so realistic. The pigments naturally imitate the look of a closely shaved head or can increase the density of thinning hair in both males and females by camouflaging the noticeable contrast difference between a clients hair and scalp. Not only that but a cosmetic tattoo for hairline is extremely versatile. They can create a close buzzcut effect on a completely bald head or add natural-looking volume to thinning hair. Look, there are plenty of bad internet examples out there. But as long as you have a good artist, with experience and a good reputation, using the correct equipment over a few sessions, you’ll be surprised by how natural the result is. People often worry that the change will be really noticeable. Yet you’d be surprised by the number of friends and coworkers that won’t even register the change right away, or at all. Often people will say their peers notice something different about them but can’t quite figure out exactly what it is. And even if they do, very few people would connect it to the actual procedure.

Benefits of a Hairline Tattoo

We’ve talked enough about how realistic hair tattoos are but they have a whole host of other benefits too. These include:
  • Restored confidence. Hairline tattoos allow men and women to reclaim confidence stolen by hair loss. The procedure doesn’t try and revive dying hair but instead focuses on helping you achieve a lasting look you can be proud of.
  • Minimal recovery time. There are a couple of days in between each session but at the end of it all, you’re able to return to your normal routine in just a few days.
  • The safety of the procedure. Hairline tattoos don’t use any chemicals and the chances of side effects are minimal. They’re generally considered one of the safest and most reliable hair loss treatments.
  • Limited maintenance. Unlike many other treatments, scalp micropigmentation doesn’t require a daily, weekly or even monthly treatment schedule. You can just focus on living life and rocking your new hairstyle
Hair tattoos are also surprisingly cheap. It might not look that way at first but when you compare it to the often ongoing expenses for other treatments, you’d be surprised by how much you save.

Downsides of a Hairline Tattoo

You’ve heard a lot about how great hairline tattoos are, but you’re probably wondering what problems you might face. Here’s a quick rundown of the major downsides:
  • Doesn’t actually treat hair loss. Hairline tattoos don’t actually treat hair loss. They just give the appearance of buzzcut style hair.
  • Not permanent. While they do last longer than most treatments, hairline tattoos will fade over time. You’ll likely end up repeating the procedure every few years.
  • Time-consuming. Hair tattoos take a few sessions to complete and each one can last for up to four hours. The good news is, once it’s done, you won’t have to worry about it for another few years.
  • Poor finish. If you choose an inexperienced clinic or practitioner then you might end up with some seriously ugly results. Not to mention, a lack of hygiene practices could lead to all sorts of unwanted health issues.
  • Most of these downsides are either quite unlikely or minor inconveniences and can be almost completely avoided if you choose the right practitioner.

How much is a hairline tattoo?

The cost of your hairline tattoo really depends on your hair and your goals. If you’re completely bald and looking for a full hair tattoo, then that’s obviously going to cost more than just filling out some thinning areas. There’s no one size fits all strategy when it comes to a hairline tattoo and the same is true for the cost. Different practitioners will charge varying amounts. This can be affected by everything from their own private fees to extra steps like covering up scars.

Who can get a hairline tattoo?

Not everyone is born with long locks and effortless curls. Disease or just plain age can leave you with less-than-ideal hair.
Anyone over the age of 18 has access to hairline tattoos. Men’s hairline tattoos are the most common but hairline tattoos for females are also a rapidly growing industry.
If you want to save and look your best, then hairline tattoos are perfect for you. Anyone suffering from a receding hairline, baldness or hair loss of any kind can benefit. Basically anyone who is suffering from any form of hair loss will benefit greatly from scalp micropigmentation.

What is the process like?

The process begins with a consultation session between you and your practitioner either in person or over the phone. You’ll sit down, they’ll show you some potential options and get a feel for your hair (and goals).
The first actual hairline tattoo treatment session will be them laying down the foundation and setting up a base density that they’ll build on later.
You’ll have a 7-14 day break to recover before powering through to the next sessions. They provide darker and more intense pigments to finish off the look. At no stage during the process will your treatment look unnatural or fake. The results are immediate right from the first session and will only improve with the consecutive sessions. On each session the entire affected area will be treated, making you immediately look and feel better.

Do hairline tattoos hurt?

Your scalp is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. But the good news is, actually getting the hairline tattoo isn’t as painful as you might think.
The needle used is much smaller than those used for actual tattoos. And it doesn’t need to penetrate as deeply as a tattoo does. A traditional tattoo the needle is dragged through the skin whereas with scalp micropigmentation the practitioner will carefully and meticulously place each individual deposit of pigment. If you’re really worried or unsure, then check in with your practitioner about the expected level of pain. However most clients will describe the process as bearable and some people have even been known to be able to catch up on some well needed peaceful zzz’s during their session.

What to expect in the first session?

Your very first step of getting a hairline tattoo will just be a consultation where you can explain what you’re hoping to achieve and a staff member can analyse your hair. The first real session after that will be the practitioner just laying out the groundwork in order to build on it later. If you are undergoing a hairline recreation the first session is where you and your practitioner will design the hairline together. This can include drawing an outline of the hairline and beginning on some sparse dots around the planned area. Once your first session has healed, you will then undergo the second session where the practitioner will increase the density with a second layer that is slightly darker in shade.

How long does it last?

Hairline tattoos are not permanent. They’ll generally last around 3-4 years, though you might see some fading and want to get it touched up earlier.
This is one of the key differences between hairline tattoos and real tattoos. Both use ink, just in different ways.  Normal tattoos penetrate five layers deep into the skin compared to just two for scalp pigmentation. So despite being widely referred to as a permanent cosmetic procedure, hairline tattoos will in fact fade over time. And this is actually a really good thing. Because over the course of five or so years, your hair is nearly guaranteed to have changed. The re application of pigment every 3 or so years also prevents the pigment from making any unwanted changes like migration or colour shift to an unwanted hue. These small check-ups every few years will help maintain your realistic buzzcut look.

What are the risks?

The good news is there aren’t many real risks of hairline tattoos if you’re working with a professional. Still, let’s outline a few potential risks of scalp micropigmentation.

Skin Conditions

If you have any skin conditions then you might want to check with either a doctor or the artist before continuing.
If you’ve had a reaction to tattoo ink before, then you might assume this simply isn’t the procedure for you.
Yet one of the key differences between hair tattoos and proper tattoos is the ink used. The ink used for hair pigmentation is completely organic, which not only allows them to better replicate your hair colour but it means you’re less likely to have a reaction.
So most of the time, you’ll be all good to continue. Still, better safe than sorry.

Clinic Reputation

Take the time beforehand to double-check the reputation of your practitioner and their business (Google reviews will probably do).

Permanent Style and Colour

Health aside, you’ve got to consider the normal risks associated with a tattoo. Getting a hairline tattoo means you’re pretty much stuck with a certain hairstyle (at least for a few years).
Changing it risks creating a confusing mash of real hair and fake pigments.
This will look painfully out of place with your tattoo. Instead of blending in and adding volume, the tattoo would only serve to highlight your hair’s inconsistency.
If you’re fully bald then this shouldn’t be a real problem. However, if you’re just touching up some bald spots or redefining a receding hairline, then you’ve definitely got to consider this risk.

Hairline Tattoo for Hair Loss

You now know everything there is to know about hairline tattoos. Hopefully, by now you’ve realised just how great they are.
Hairline tattoos are fast, affordable and impressively natural. Whether you need a men’s hairline tattoo or you’re looking into a hairline tattoo for female hair issues, they’re the perfect solution for nearly any hair problem.
Don’t risk your hair with any other treatment. Book a consultation today!

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